Private Cloud

Networks Cloud provides private vaults layered over the global cloud. Your network can be updated in the private cloud via web service APIs or using simple file upload. Here are some ways you can leverage our private network cloud.

Service Availability Portal

Using our private cloud technology you can provide your users with service availability data layered on a geographic user interface. You can decide which users have access to what parts of the network as well as what availability data is presented to each group.

Customer Network Management

The next step is a full blown self service portal. Customers are looking for better visibility into the network solutions they get from service providers. Providing your customer with such a view will improve satisfaction, customer communications and future sales. Our platform can be extended to collect service assurance and SLA information such as network alarms, network outage and network performance measurements and present them in a secure multi-tenant solution.

Federated View

When you are struggling with many different systems and no single view, Networks Cloud can step in to help the organization improve service level and efficiency.

  • Post Mergers View – Networks Cloud is a perfect solution for obtaining a quick holistic network view following providers merger or acquisition. Within a few weeks, the new network is available for display. More importantly, Networks Cloud can help harmonize the data between systems quickly proving a common reference tool across the organization.
  • Cross Domain View – For historical reasons, most operators have many distinct systems managing the various network technologies, layers and vendors but lack the one place to see a holistic network view. By using our simple API each technology can upload the information that is of interest to the entire organization while continuing to manage the core technologies with specialized systems. Instead of trying to force the whole stack with a single monolithic system, simply use a central repository to align the organization without compromising the efficiencies of each unit.